Mini rant for the day – breaking up with junk mail

I just spent over three hours deleting junk mail. I know, I know, it’s my own fault for letting it pile up like that, but dang! Who has the time???

So this morning, I get up at 6 and start culling through it. I was determined to unsubscribe to a lot of crap that brought nothing into my life.

And discovered that “people” have made this an actual CHORE! Come on! I don’t want your email. Why do I have to go to your site (after finding it with that minuscule font size) and complete a freaking survey? Then, THEN! I have to “put the word you see above in the box below”. Are you kidding me? Just let me go. It’s not me, it’s YOU! I’m just not that into you. Why make it hard on yourself?

So now I’ve gone through over 400 (don’t judge me) unread messages and now have to organize what’s left.

It’s sad that cleaning out your email box is an item on your to-do list. I much prefer checking off the item “clearing out space on your DVR”

Rant over.

Until next time!

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