The importance of being Earnest

So, here’s the skinny on how I spent two hours of my time last night. First, a little back


Hubs and I rarely get a date night. He works super long hours and we never seem to be in the same place at the same time for very long. So, last week we ordered the Avengers. The DVR said that it was pending download. We gave up and watched something else.; (sigh) Seinfeld reruns. That was our date night. Thank you for filling it with frustration.

Today my husband got home from work early, at about 6:30, we decide to watch the avengers and have some nice family time since we rarely have more than 2 people in the same place at the same time. And Darling Daughter was hanging out in the living room instead of squirreling herself away in her room.

But we couldn’t watch the movie because the stupid service said we had to call in. A few minutes after that appeared on the screen we had the option to text to order the movie. My husband spent several minutes doing this and ended up being told he ordered a movie in 3-d. That is ridiculous. He ordered it in hd.

So, he called in. And waded through the infuriating customer service automated system to end up on hold for about 10 minutes. After all of that, he was told that the purchase couldn’t be redacted because it had been more than 5 minutes. HE WAS ON HOLD! Ridiculous!

Now, I understand that we are being credited next month. But we operate on a budget and now our budget has been messed up. Along with date night and family time.

I fought to get direct tv a few years ago because this is the type of stuff that we had to deal with with Comcast. And the longer the labryth of computerized menus and long hold times, the more frustrated people become. This has WASTED an entire hour of my life just today. I even called in to pay my bill last week or so and we had been charged for NFL ticket that we never even ordered!

Frankly, a refund of a movie we can’t watch isn’t going to make me happy. What might make a dent in making me happy is an instant retraction of the charge, free HBO a monthly price reduction AND two free movies that I don’t have to mess around with mailing in a coupon that everyone knows will get lost and that’s the point isn’t it?

That was my spiel I jotted down while on hold. I nicely recited it to a person named Rain. And I was nice, really! Even after fighting with a computerized voice menu (I so hate those)! Rain then needed to research my issues. It took her 18 minutes. Then she had to transfer me to a higher authority.

Great. Another 10 minute hold with the worst connection imaginable and horrid music.

20 minutes later I have the pleasure of speaking with Mario. Same spiel, same response. Mario transferred me to yet another person because he had nothing to offer me to make me happy. Now 41 minutes later, on hold yet again.

Enter Earnest a mere 4 minutes later.

Same spiel. This time I told him it was going on my blog. Lol. Hi mom! And you know what? He was pleasant, friendly and eager to help. Here is what he did for me:

1. Took $35 off my bill for a year
2. Gave me Showtime free for four months and I don’t have to call in and cancel it. It will just expire.
3. Let me keep NFL ticket for free for the rest of the season
4. Gave me a credit for $14 to order movies.
5. Gave me some sports package for a month that will just expire.
6. Gave me another DVR for another room

So, wonderful Earnest took my payment from $152.02 down to $66.47 a month All I do after a year is add $35.

I love Earnest!

Direct tv is seriously the best company out there. If you would like to sign up with them and save $10 a month, use my name Lori Anaple in Romeo Michigan.


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